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Did I ever show off this awesome vegetable sushi plate from SUteiShi in the Financial District? Yum.

Veggie Island

or, Island Veggie on foursquare

I came across this gem in Rockaway by checking in with foursquare on the beach. Upon spotting a nearby place, titled “Island Veggie” on foursquare with the “Vegan/Vegetarian” label and just had to go in.¬†

What a pleasant surprise!

There were vegan muffins, tons of fresh produce and cute books / products on the shelves. I got a delicious ginger lemonade as well as some orange tomatoes. Next time, I’ll probably get a treat here to eat on the beach.

Veggie Island is located at 8519 Rockaway Beach blvd at Beach 96th st. You can get there by taking the A/S to 98th Street.

Six Kirby Cukes, white eggplant, yellow tomato and golden beers for ten bucks.

May have eaten four out of six cucumbers today as snacks.

And the tomato.


Missing Long Island. This is my friend Andrew’s family’s gorgeous garden, and how pleased I was to eat all the fresh veggies. Those cucumbers and tomatoes were so amazing.


My (omni!) coworkers have been raving about Souen lately, so I figured it was time to check it out for myself. With my baby cousin in tow, we arrived at a darling little spot in Soho.

Souen serves macrobioticfood. When anyone asks me what that is, I say it’s just better for you. The wikipedia definition, however, is “a dietary regimen which involves eating grains as a staple food supplemented with other foodstuffs such as local vegetables, avoiding the use of highly processed or refined foods and most animal products.” In case you are wondering.

I got a squash tofu plate, pictured above, which was sauteed tofu, squash, onion, carrot, nappa green, broccoli and snow peas in miso tahni sauce. So simple, comforting and delicious - especially served with brown rice that soaked up the rest of my sauce. Food was moderately priced and service good enough - nothing to rave about - but the people watching was divine! My cousin got the staple macrobiotic plate, which she said we superb. I heard the Union Square location is a bit better, so I’ll try going there next time!

Can’t wait.

Souen is located at 210 Sixth Ave at Prince St.

Westville Chelsea

Westville has quickly become one of my favourite places to eat out in New York, and my latest dining experience there fresh after a long day wandering around the city (about three hours, from brunch on the Upper East Side to the Met through Central Park down Hudson River Park into Chelsea) was absolutely divine. The Chelsea location is a bit bigger than the locations in the East and West Village, which certainly made a case for this location over the others.

Again I got a farmer’s market plate, but this time with soy-glazed tofu, roasted beets with walnuts, roasted brussel sprouts with mustard sauce, and quinoa with mint, pineapple and mango. Nothing disappointed, I especially loved the tofu, and I sucked down a few beers (a summer ale for 4$ a bottle was a steal) along with my meal. Service was fast and we were seated promptly, there were plentiful options for my omni friends, and we had some excellent people-watching to match our meal.

They’ll be opening another location soon, and I’m excited to try that one out as well.

Westville Chelsea is located at 246 W 18th St between 7th & 8th Avenue. You can take the 1 train to 18th Street or get off at the 14th St L at 8th Avenue and walk up a few blocks.

GUYS, the only reason I would ever move upstate for real is Wegman’s. Wegman’s is like the holy grail of grocery. Everything is so cheap. I got a thing of Justin’s Maple Almond nut butter for 6.99$ there, which is totally unheard of for NYC.

And they have a great selection of veggie rolls! In the back we have Thai Sweet Potato and in the front we have Garden Vegetable. On the rare occasions we are together (boo living 4.5 hours away from my BFFL)  Joelle and I usually get separate things and swap half when we eat together, which gives us good opportunity to taste both things we want without eating too much!

Sharing is caring. Go to Wegman’s. Have sushi.

Last weekend was spent visiting my very best friend upstate, and it was full of delicious vegan food and posts to come! Here’s a sampling of what we had at her place: dilly snap peas, made a giant salad from her CSA share [how gorgeous are those veggies?], and Pimm’s with cucumber and strawberries and ginger. Goodness!


I’ve been dying to go to Westville forever. The restaurant always has a sign out front that is essentially a list of a fresh vegetables they’ll be preparing.

I got a Market Plate, comprised of four different vegetable sides. It was fabulous. The sauteed tomatoes and broccoli really stood out on my dish.

My friend Andrew got some sort of egg-dish, which was very beautiful.

They have vegan hot dogs there, so naturally I’m quite excited to go back this summer, many times I hope!

Westville is located at 210 W10th Street, between Bleecker + W4th Street. They also have locations in the East Village and Chelsea. I suggest taking the 1 train to Christopher Street to get there.