NYC Vegan

I'm a Bushwick-based vegan navigating NYC eateries and grocery shops. I cook too.
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Just Swiss chard from my CSA

Hee hee aren’t these pigs in blankets sweet?

Also, vegan.

Pastry dough is mostly vegan which is cool. Stuff with Light Life Smart links. Serve with Sriracha ketchup. Profit.

Freefoods NYC tempeh buffalo wrap. True love. Go to Bryant Park after picking up one of these babies.

everything bagel pasta

What you may ask? Yes it is vegan

Bread from the Honest Weight Food Co-Op in Albany, NY.

Yummy vegan hummus wrap from Pret. 7.07$

Vegan kale and butternut squash enchiladas from Hotel Tortuga. Loves.

What I’ve been eating for lunch all week - massaged kale (coconut oil, agave, salt, pepper), corn, teriyaki baked tofu, roasted tomatoes and quinoa. Protein packed delicious vegan food!